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  • Turmeric Health Benefits for DogsTurmeric Health Benefits for Dogs

      You may have heard about turmeric, the super spice with powerful properties, but you may not be aware of the many health benefits of turmeric for dogs. Turmeric is a spice that is native […]

  • Dog Chasing CarsDog Chasing Cars

      A dog chasing cars can mean serious trouble. More often than not, these dogs will be in prey drive mode and will try to catch the wheels, risking to be run over. Chasing cars, […]

  • Cat Stud TailCat Stud Tail Home Remedies

      Cats may sometimes develop a condition known as cat stud tail, medically referred to as tail gland hyperplasia or tail gland infection. Not all cats are prone to this, but some cats may sometimes […]

  • Cat Urinating Home RemediesCat Urinating

      When a new cat is introduced into a new home there are two major concerns that worry people the most: the scratching and the urine marking. These are usually the two major reasons why […]

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