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Home cats and dogThis website was specifically created for pet owners looking for some home remedies to help their sick dog or sick cat feel better. You are at the right place! Our website is a goldmine of pet home remedies for a variety of ailments that may affect your beloved dogs and cats. However, as useful as this website may be it needs to be used with a word of caution. Best Pet Home Remedies is NOT to be used as a diagnostic tool nor as a substitute for professional veterinary advice. We know how tempting it may be to try to treat pets at home especially if money is an issue or if simply your pets dislike seeing the vet. However, there are many serious conditions out there, and because we really care about pets we want to make sure this is clear straight from our home page. So please practice caution, if your pet does not seem right and is not acting as its normal self, we have a special saying: “When in doubt get on route”. Meaning to the closest veterinary clinic! Having said so, we hope this website is helpful and that your furry friends enjoy it as well. If possible and feasible, treat your pets at home! Best wishes to all!



About this Website Dog and CatThe idea of creating a website like Best Pet Home Remedies arises from the idea of helping out owners searching for natural home treatments for their pets. Despite modernization and the technical advances in veterinary medicine, some owners prefer a more natural approach and decide to treat their pets at home. More and more owners are feeding pets homemade diets and more and more owners realize that often some of best therapies are naturally based.

The creator of the website has a history of working for an AAHA approved veterinary hospital. The idea arose when suddenly the hospital had a shortage of veterinarians. One was moved to another State, another was on maternity leave and another opened her own business. Suddenly, the hospital was flowing from angered customers that were unable to get same day appointments for their pets. Therefore, many of these patients were offered tips for treating their pet at home until the next appointment. Truth is, almost half of them ended no longer needing appointments!

However, as effective as some home treatments may be, owners must realize that there are cases that need prompt veterinary attention. Please, if your pet is sick, have a veterinarian see him or her for a hands on examination.