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Dog Refusing to go Potty in the Rain


Dog Refusing to go Potty in the Rain: how to get your dog going, even when it’s pouring! Some dogs may have a hard time going potty when it rains outside. This may be due to general fear of water and because the environment looks and smells a lot different to a dog when everything is wet. Some dogs used to living indoors dislike getting their feet wet.

Here are some good guidelines should you own a “rain, rain go away or I will not poop until another day” dog!

Dog Refusing to go Potty in the Rain1) Get your dog used to water.

Dogs share the same genes as wolves and should care less about water. Well, domestication has spoiled really sort of spoiled dogs. Dogs in the wild must get wet if they want to eat. Domesticated dogs rarely get wet nowadays and fresh meals are served regardless of rain or snow. So getting your dog used to getting wet is vital. Get a garden hose and weather permitting let your dog play with the water. Your dog will have lots of fun! He or she may be bashful at first, but with time and if you make a great game out of it he or she will have a blast!


2) Feed on wet grass

Many dogs hate walking on the wet grass. Well, tough luck, if your dog wants to eat, he must go in the wet grass! If it is has not recently rained, lightly make the grass humid with a garden hose. The dog will start to associate wet grass with food, or at least will learn that wet grass is nothing to worry about.

3) Let him walk

Walking stimulates elimination. Take your dog for a walk in the rain. Sooner or later the urge will come. It may take an hour walk to less than thirty minutes until he or she may go potty. It may be tough at first, but they will get used to it and gradually shorten the time to go potty.

4) Invest in a large umbrella

Tis really should be avoided, as the dog may get too used to the umbrella. However, if you are looking for short cuts this may work. Doggy boots may be helpful as well as would a dog rain coat. But be aware: should one of these items be missing, your dog will go back to categorically refusing to go potty.

5) Wait until your dog really needs to go

This works some times. If you hear the noise of rain outside delay thier potty time. Let’s say instead of 9 PM let them go at 10:30 PM. It is a good sign when the dog is going back and forth towards the door whining. Then once out he or she may be upset because of the rain but the urge may have grown so much that they could care less!

Rain can become your dog’s best friend if you allow your dog to gradually get used to it. If feasible, take your dog out on walks when it rains on mild summer days. Of course, avoid this when it is cold! Sooner than later your dog will become accustomed to the rain and may even ask to go out and play with it!

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