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Loving Dogs as Babies

Loving Dogs as BabiesLoving Dogs as Babies: while your furry friend may not have inherited your eyes, nor your husband’s facial expressions, you still consider your pet as your oddly hairy four legged child. Truth is, pets are more and more becoming an extensions of family. They are a significant part of a pet owner’s life and they tend to play major roles just as regular family members.

The role given to pets as babies is often seen in young couples that do not have children or older couples whose children have left the house some time ago. The pet therefore, is perceived as a substitute, a replacement that makes the empty nest syndrome much more acceptable.

It is pretty easy to spot a pet treated as a baby. The owner may dress the dog in special outfits or the cat may be fussed on all day long with the all to familiar cooing and ahhhs that are so commonly seen with new born babies. The pets seem to not mind at all of being special attention grabbers. Cats really may in their mind feel like they may have an ounce of dignity, but dogs do seem to do extremely well in the role given and seem to enjoy it immensely.

Owners may not realize though that the babying comes with a price when it comes to dogs. Dogs begin to believe that they have assumed the alpha role of the family. They begin to see the owners are weak, lower ranked members of the pack. Often, these dogs may have behavior problems, ranging from jealousy, to over protectiveness, to food aggression and even biting.

They are often toy breed pooches or small dogs in general to be treated as babies. Perhaps because of their size easily resembling a human infant, owners feel it is almost natural to want to treat them as such. The good thing is that because these pooches are so spoiled, even though they may grow quite unstable mentally, the damage derived from their behavior issues are minimized because of their size.

These pooches are often transported by their owners just about anywhere. They easily fit in a purse and are taken out along to work and even shopping. They are often are very well treated: they smell great and are always well groomed. They are always introduced proudly to others and the more people fuss about them being cute, the more the parents feel proud.

Loving pets as if they were babies, is not always a bad thing. These pets are very well taken care of, and are catered to and protected in a very motherly manner. Dog owners however, should specifically learn about how dogs really think, and therefore must be educated about pack order and leadership, so to better understand the consequences of babying their child too much, oops their pets!

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